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Meet the world's most innovative Fifa Ultimate Team Autobuyer for Fifa 21.

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The Best FIFA 21 Botting Platform

18,490,350,000 Coins earned in Fifa 20

The Mission of OctoFUT.

Guided by a dream, others used to laugh about, we started our journey one year ago. Building an autobuyer stealth enough flying under the ban-radar? Hard. Integrating neuronal technology? No way. Combining everything into a web service, accessible from every device, from everywhere? Impossible. But where others stop, we go full steam ahead. Welcome onboard at Octofut!

Our Key Features

Cloud Infrastructure

Forget about hosting your own server or leave your Computer running day and night – Octofut comes along as a cloud application, available from wherever you have internet connection.

Global Market Analysis

Don’t waste requests and coins on imprecise price analyzes anymore! Octofut provides you a global price-database empowering you to find the best deals before others do.

Cooperative AI

All accounts in octofut are connected to a cooperative, neuronal network. Using this advantage will boost your accounts efficiency to the max.

Private Proxy Network

Each of your accounts is highly secured through our self-hosted proxy network in London. Making them way faster than your own proxies.

Responsive Support

By joining our discord server you will find answers to questions and customized support to make your experience with octofut as smooth as possible

Innovative Coin Transfer

- Our brand new system meets up industrial standards and - makes it easier to move coins, than ever before.

Pricing System

Pay as you go

Octofut has its own currency system called octofutiums. These are consumed only when your accounts are running (aka sniping, bidding, etc).

Based on previous octofut versions statistics the average consumption of octofutiums is : approx. 70 octofutiums per hour per account.

Example: Running 1 account 8 hours per day will consume 8000 octofutiums in about 2 weeks

We often make special packages offer with awesome discounts